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Image by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

Rug Story


Behind every carpet is a story. The Berber tribe is at the heart of the process. They keep the tradition and crafts in the hands of the older generation. The legacy of the sheep is considered a treasure in Berber culture.

In the Mountains of Atlas


The weavers use live wool from the sheep without injuring the animals, the wool is stronger and of good quality. Everything is made by hand. 

The Wool is created


The artisans ensure that the wool is carefully washed, brushed and stitched into the yarn, and they regularly dye the wool themselves, using only natural colours from local herbs and plants.

Carpet Weaving Loom
Artisan Weavers knotting Rug by Hand


Each line is made in the direct path of the loom to ensure the exact size of the future carpet. Knotting is one of the longest steps in the process that takes between 20~30 working days. 

The weavers use the hammer bombs to make sure the knot is tight and well pressed. Tie the tassels and wash the rug in the sun until dry, as a last work in the work process. 

Complete Rug  brings Happiness 


It is in the Berber culture once the rug is completed, there will be happiness all over the house. 

Image by Thiébaud Faix

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